Legally enforcing "too wide no ride" is gonna be tough … 

Oh, the government. While millions don't have health insurance, healthy food or enough money, the only thing they seem to give a shit about is where people try to piss and strippers. Sure, we love pissing and naked people, but there's a lot more pertinent shit they could be dealing with. And Louisiana proved that recently in a big way. 

While discussing a bill that would raise the minimum age of exotic dancers from 18 to 21, Rep. Kenny Havard (R) briefly proposed an amendment to cap dancers at 28 years old and 160 pounds.

And as you can imagine, everyone called him an asshole. 

He said it was all a joke, claiming that he was making fun of how the government tries to regulate everything. 

“It was a poke at overregulating everything — where are we going to stop?” Havard told the Times-Picayune. “It was aimed at both men and women. I can’t strip either. I’m a little overweight.”

And with hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, the Louisiana government apparently has very little else to do but argue about the size, shape and age of strippers. To help point out how fucking stupid everyone is, people started leaving dollar tips on the podium.

We celebrate women of all sizes. And to celebrate the legal requirement getting shot down, enjoy a video of a woman that otherwise would've been arrested for following her passion for stripping:

You get it, gurl. God bless 'Merica.