Lucky S.O.B. is getting free gifts cards from it, too …

There’s no greater feeling in this world than when you receive something you love for free. And though Chipotle has been under a ton of scrutiny lately about the safety of its food, we’re still not going to turn down a free burrito if they’re offering one. Which is what they did yesterday, with unfortunate consequences.

In an effort to gain back customers, Chipotle offered free fat-kid burritos yesterday to anyone who texted “raincheck” to the number 888-222 — unfortunately for one Washington D.C. area lawyer, however, it was pretty close to his own number, and likely people were either too stoned or too drunk to figure out they had the wrong number.

"It started this morning around 9:00 a.m. when I suddenly got a text that just said, 'raincheck,’" Levine tells Tech Insider. "Curious, I wrote back with a question mark."

The wrong number explained to him what Chipotle was up to, and the same ‘raincheck’ hit his phone close to a hundred times after. He says he spent most of his day telling people they had the wrong number, sparking intrigue about what he actually does on Mondays. Maybe it's karma coming back at him for being a lawyer, who knows.

His daughter in law joined in too and reached out to Chipotle about the situation. Lucky S.O.B. is now getting hooked up with gift cards too. It’s a burrito free-for-all that we completely missed because of our pounding headaches and lack of interest in the real world if it had nothing to do with the Super Bowl win.

Let this be a lesson to all you stoners and drunks out there: Pay attention to what you’re texting or you’re going to miss out on some serious burrito action. An extreme mellow harsher if there ever was one …