When we were all young little assholes, things like LEGOs ruled the world, opened up imaginative possibilities and drove our "groundskeepers" insane when they stepped on a wayward single piece stuck in the carpet at night. 

But then you grow up, and get taxes rammed up your neither regions for the sake of keeping capitalism alive and well. That youthful exuberance fades, and the only thing you look forward to is jerking off in the shower to the thought of taking Scary Spice behind the "America's Got Talent" desk with a full liter of Dunkin Donuts macchiato in hand. (Maybe TMI!?)

Until now! Because LEGO done went and build an entire super car with LEGOs, modeled after the $3 million Bugatti Chiron. And it drives! (Although only topping out at about 18 mph — but whatever, baby steps.)

The whole thing took about a million pieces and weighs in at about 3,300 pounds. 

“Months of development and testing came to a head in June on the Ehra Lessien test track outside Wolfsburg, Germany — the same track where the original Bugatti Chiron was tested — when we found out if the car would actually drive,” LEGO wrote in a statement. “We were even more excited when Bugatti’s official test driver and former Le Mans winner, Andy Wallace, agreed to test drive the Technic version of the Chiron on its first drive.”

[cover photo screengrab via YouTube]