Westminster resident Natalie Carson is looking to rent a family for a birthday party after her own abandoned her 19 years ago.

Here at Rooster, we don't fall for the sentimental stuff all that often. Our slogan is "Professional Immaturity" after all, so it's not like we've got a team of writers combing through Upworthy posts for content, know what we mean?

That being said, every now and then a really impactful story catches our eye, and we feel like we should embrace our inner functioning adult and share it with you.

This one in particular is about Natalie Carson, a 19-year-old Westminster resident who recently posted a Craigslist ad seeking a "family to rent" so she could have someone to share her birthday with.

That may sound bizarre … People don't really "rent" other people except on certain corners of Colfax, but once you hear the back story, it starts to make perfect sense …

See, Natalie has had a rough life. She was just a baby in Westminster, CO when she was abused by her biological parents, and shortly after, she was adopted by a similarly cruel foster family in Georgia.

During one birthday with her adoptive family, Natalie was given a doll as a gift … but was then forced to throw it in the trash. Since then, her birthdays have not been fun.

"I usually just try to sleep through my birthday and holidays too," she told Daily Mail. "I just think, 'Go rest and it'll be over in the morning and you won't have to think about it again until next year.'''

Never having a caring family to celebrate her birthdays with, she grew up dreaming of the day when she'd be able to return to Colorado and start again.

So, when she posted an Craiglist seeking a family to "rent" to help her celebrate her 20th birthday, it was her way of trying to regain time lost and find a group of caring people to spend birthdays and holidays with, something she'd never really had before.

In her ad, Natalie makes it clear she's not looking for financial support from the potential rental family; she's offering $8 an hour to compensate for their time. First, that's WAY more than we pay our interns/indentured servants, and second, we're pretty sure whoever she chooses to spend her birthday wish isn't going to make her pay them … but the fact that she's even offering is pretty indicative that she's not looking for sympathy or pity; she's a person who knows what she wants and understands time is valuable.

"I felt like having one day where it's OK … I don't have this big elaborate plan or anything, I just wanted it to be good," she said.

So far, there's been an overwhelming response to her ad, and Natalie says she's gotten more than 1,000 emails from families around the world who are putting themselves up for rent to help her out.

But … she hasn't made a decision yet.

Her birthday is on June 10 if you want to get in on it.

That's all. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming of sex, weed, sex, sex, weed, rock art and sex weed.