It's about bloody time …

The year is 2015, you know this. And if movies from the last century have taught us anything, it’s that by now dreadful humans should be fighting robots, killing aliens, traveling between planets, dressing in full-body leather track suits and riding a damn hoverboard already.

Lexus feels the pain of our patience, and is bringing humanity one step closer to the glory that “Back to the Future II” predicted. It's created a working hoverboard!

The fancy new space-product looks a lot like a regular skateboard and can even work in similar tricks, all without ever touching the ground.The board does flips, goes off jumps, down rails and even travels over water. Testing out its awesomness, Lexus had pro skaters ride it to see what experts could do do with it.

tl;dr — The footage Lexus took of its new hoverboard is giving us huge erections.

The badass new toy is silent, stable and smooth riding, but it's still nowhere near cost efficient. To lift your McDonalds eating ass off the ground, the hoverboard uses liquid nitrogen. And not like, fill it with liquid nitrogen once and ride around for a few days — nope, these puppies are refilled every 10 minutes. It's not like anyone can walk down to 7-11 and pick up a case of liquid nitrogen, either (unless you happen to work on a military base or are a doctor), the shit is nearly impossible to find. We've tried … for a friend.

On the bright side, Lexus did  create a working hoverboard, which is fucking incredible. Just imagine floating around town never being burdened to touch the ground again. That's the kind of future we need. That's the future we deserve.