The video shows artists bombing the piss out of Las Vegas for a visual rollout no other festival will match …

In the growing bucket of that which is the festival culture, an event really does have to up its game every year to be able to stand out amongst the downpour of sameness. It’s like, sure, we get excited when the season hits and get down with watching lineups get rolled out like a musty carpet with recognizable patterns, but sometimes the deluge of whatever gets a little monotonous.

But then Life Is Beautiful comes along and totally redeems themselves

In what is our favorite lineup from now and forever and ever amen, the Life Is Beautiful Festival sets the bar to a point no other events will be able to catch them this year — and likely next.

The video rollout catches artists bombing the piss out of the E-District in Las Vegas (where the annual event is held), turning old hotels, casinos, tunnels and whatever else into logos for the band schedule. It’s like art meets music … brilliant!

We were there last year and can honestly say this is one of the best festival experiences one can have at a semi-reasonable price (hey, it's Vegas, get creative).

Ok enough talk for the day, more lineup please …