It only takes one simple sentence from Lil Wayne to get the people talking …

If you’ve been asking yourself lately: “Where the F has Lil Wayne been?” — look towards the recent drama between himself and his label, Cash Money Records. None of it looks to be in Wayne’s favor, except for … oh … say, the $51 million lawsuit Weezy will likely win?

That said, fans of his won’t see an album out of him for a hot minute while the suit is being settled. Apparently, Birdman is keeping it under lock and key, leading Wayne to claim multiple times via his Twitter he and his art are “prisoners” of Cash Money.


But this past weekend, Lil Weezy-weeze got the panties tied around every music blog in the nation when he proclaimed on stage he had signed a deal with his “icon” Jay Z. Bazillions of knee-jerk reactors immediately speculated it would be the bell tolling forward on his long-anticipated “Tha Carter V” album.


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Not so, says his manager Cortez Bryant:

"The Internet and blogs took his words out of context," Bryant tells Billboard. "When Wayne was speaking about the partnership with Jay Z, he was speaking about his new deal as an artist owner with Tidal."

So, again, it’s just another TIDAL report that falls short of being anything exhilarating. All Weezy was referring to was the deal he had signed on (like many other artists) to co-own TIDAL — probably paving some branding efforts towards “exclusive” material launched via the streaming service.

"We're honored for Lil Wayne to join TIDAL," said an exec via press release. "His eagerness to release an exclusive TIDAL track and schedule a TIDAL X performance is just another example of how passionately artists care about getting their music to fans."

So, here we go again … artists being so completely out of touch with the world they don’t understand how the Internet works and if something is released “exclusively” via one platform, it only takes about 37 seconds to cycle around the world on hundreds of others.

What a waste of time and emotions … *sigh* … we want this Lil Wayne back …