When it comes to imbibing in prison, toilet wine and the choke game can only take you so far … but thanks to the USPS, some inmates in a Florida jail had a nice batch of LSD to pass the time with.

If you asked us where the #1 place we'd never do acid was, we'd say jail. Jail, every time.

But, a couple of inmates at the Broward County Jail in Ft. Lauderdale seem to disagree. Gregory Golden, 41, and Dean Aubol, 35, were caught eating acid-laced postcards after one of them had a bad trip, alerting authorities that they'd had something a little stronger than toilet wine.

The postcards were lovingly sent to them via a guy on the outside, one William Hahne. After corresponding with each for a few months, he offered to send them the special surprise and charged each of the inmates $10 for a tiny piece of the card, which they put in their mouths like blotter paper. Mmm.

Of course, those little pieces of paper were very laced with LSD, and it sent Gregory and Dean on a psychedelic prison journey like no one had ever seen. Turns out prison is the hippie love fest we thought it was after all! Or maybe that's just the drunk tank at Boulder County … who knows.

Following a tip-off from a rat prisoner who just couldn't understand Gregory and Dean's quest for vibrating oneness, police launched an investigation into the incident. They did a sting, and the two hallucinating prisoners were caught, tripping, temporarily free from both the aching monotony of prison and the confines of their mortal forms.

Authorities allegedly intercepted another, non-acid letter from Hahne in which he outlined imperious plans to expand the scheme to other prisons.

Too bad he never got to live that dream; he was caught and charged possessing and distributing LSD. Turns out it's pretty easy to trace the origin of mail when it has a valid return address on it.

Moral of the story? Eat all your mail.