A Taiwanese man is facing charges after attempting to smuggle animals in his pants through a Bangkok airport, which to us is just absolutely bonkers. The last time we stuck anything down our pants at the airport, it was just half a pack of gummies and a dab pen… you know, like a normal person?


According to an article from SimpleFlying, authorities discovered two otters and a prairie dog taped to this man’s boxer shorts, and we’re firm believers that sticking three rodent-like mammals near your junk on an airplane should be commended as an act of bravery instead of admonished.


The 22-year-old man got through security with a petting zoo in his trousers, but at a certain point the staff raised concerns about the man’s “unusually large package,” which finally brings an explanation to that age-old adage. You know the one: “Is that two otters and a prairie dog in your pants or are you just happy to see me?” 


The man was taken into custody and proceeded to miss his flight, which to us sounds like a real shame. With any luck, those otters and that prairie dog could’ve helped that man land the fucking plane. Indeed, that’s a Ratatouille sequel we’d go and see more than once.