This week in: People are just dicks …

Losing a cell phone in the midst of a great weekend is a bummer-and-a-half. It’s like the icing on a cake, if the icing is made of suck and heavy regret. No, we do not like that type of icing, we do not like it Sam I Am.

But it’s not always being completely obliterated pharmacologically that’s the reason for a lost device. Sometimes it’s just rude and out-dated thieves guilty as the culprit.

Reportedly, airport security in the Netherlands found a total of 39 cell phones on a Romanian man wrapped in tin foil — because wrapping evidence like a healthy meal you’d like to reheat later isn’t suspicious at all.

After a short investigation went down, the investigators found most (if not all) were stolen from the recent Tomorrowland event — which takes place annually in Boom, Belgium.

It’s said that some of the phones have been returned to their owners — but a rising question still lingers within us: Who the hell steals cell phones in 2015? Not to mention Big Brother is watching every single hair upon our beautiful bodies, but those things have tracking software now (that could likely work, even through his makeshift foil Faraday Cage) … and, lastly, it’s just a dick move.