Nothing's worse than attempting suicide for all of life's failures you've endured, including your own, only to fail once again at actually committing suicide. A man in New York attempting to jump from the 85-story Empire State Building hit resistance when his first jump landed him a mere one story below and on the observation deck. Whether he wanted a better view, couldn't execute the jump properly or was unaware of the deck remains a mystery but nonetheless, he hit it spot on. Dusting himself off like a true champion, he attempted again to jump.  

Building security was able to talk the man down from the ledge – we're assuming with the Third Eye Blind song. Horrified tourists watched the ordeal take place just before midnight in New York.

Sadly, the only closure the jumper received from this ordeal was a broken ankle from the fall and a trip to the hospital where police formally charged him with trespassing. We're guessing it's going to be even more difficult going through life knowing that life itself won't let you get away from it.