In the good state of Illinois, 18-year-old Hiroyuki Joho was tragically hit by an oncoming train traveling at a rate of 70 mph. The incredible impact of the train flung the young man’s body about 100 feet while also flinging his body parts at bystanders, one of which was Gayane Zokhrabov. After being nailed by some of Joho’s body parts, Zokhrabov was knocked to the ground resulting in a hurt shoulder, a broken leg and a broken wrist. After this terribly awkward incident, Zokhrabov sued the estate of the deceased young man. Luckily, a lower court dismissed the suit, acknowledging that Joho could not have predicted the woman’s injuries. The Illinois court of appeals also disagreed with the woman due to the fact that “it was reasonably foreseeable” that a train such as the one who hit Joho would fling body parts into the crowds of bystanders. It’s just plain science: If you’re standing close to the man who just jumped in front of a freight train, duck the fuck down.