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What do you do when you're rejected by someone you really want to sleep with? Cower? Voodoo dolls? Cry uncontrollably into the bottom of a Fireball bottle while you achingly flip through Tinder? Whatever it is you do, think twice about enacting revenge in a manner that may be deemed offensive to someone's nasal cavities.

According to sources taken from the Swedish newspaper, Hallandsposten, revenge farting may be a crime. As the story goes, two unnamed people had previously discussed their plans of hooking up. Later, when they were both at her place getting ready to mook down, the woman refused moving further. The man became upset with her completely justifiable position and quickly left — but not before ripping through the Earth's eco-sphere with a nauseating dust of funk. 

The woman then reported the action to police, citing the smell had "disturbed her mind."

"It smelled very bad in my flat," she told police. 

The police, while stating that they're obliged to look into all reports and have documented the encounter, are not pursuing the matter further. 

Surprisingly, this isn't even the first attempt at locking someone down for flatulence in the world. In February of 2014, a cop in Texas faced assault charges after he farted on a co-worker. In West Virginia, one Jose Cruz was also popped with a similar charge when he blew gas and tried wafting it towards the police after a routine traffic stop. 

As the saying goes, "If you don't have anything nice to spray, don't spray anything at all …"