Dude … weird.

So imagine you catch a glimpse of the girl of your dreams … but she buys her carrots, walks out of Whole Foods and out of your life forever. Do you risk a lifetime of sadness by never seeing her again? Do you realize you were just horny and move on with your life? Or do you reach out to the Internet to help track her down and profess your love? 

If you're some doofus named Brok, you do the last one. As a bro living in Australia, he was shopping in a grocery store when he spotted a hot lady.

Blake Mitchell Nicholls, a friend of Brok Neilson, posted on the Woolworths Facebook page on Monday, asking if the supermarket chain could help with finding a mystery brunette girl, who was apparently shopping for mushrooms. A distant photo with the girl's back turned was attached to the post.

"I was at Woolworths (Q Super Centre) this evening at 7:38pm (AEST) with my friend Brok buying fresh produce to make butter chicken when he's glanced over at the girl of his dreams," Nicholls wrote. "Girl buying mushrooms if you read this, we will be in this section every night at 7:38pm until we meet again."

He's even got his own tribute Facebook page, hoping to reunite Brok and his mystery girl:

But if you stop and think about it, Brok saw a hot girl, and instead of talking to her, he took a creepy picture of her ass and asked the Internet to play wingman. Some folks didn't see it as endearing at all:

Maybe they've got a point?

And calling someone "the woman of your dreams" might be a little rich if all you've seen is the back of her head and produce selection … just sayin'.