Thanks Obama!

Last time we checked, this was America, right? And that means if we wanna build remote control drones with deadly weapons attached, we can and should — so we can eat our deep-fried Twinkies from the comfort of our homes while still shootin' shit. 

But wouldn't you know it, the gawdamn government is after our freedoms again, making stupid regulations about what we can and can't kill with our murder bots. 

Austin Haughwout and his father, Bret Haughwout, are about to both battle the FAA in court come July, because the feds think you absolutely can't fucking build these things. 

It all started with an innocent little video that he posted, featuring a drone with a handgun:

And then to really up the ante, he built one with a flame thrower on it — just like any freedom-lovin' American would do. 

There's no way these death machines could be used for evil, right? But all those uptight jerks at the FAA qualify these as "aircraft" and need regulation … or in reality, get dismantled and never fly again. 

The main lawyer was a total buzzkill about it. 

"On the broader question of the legality of arming a drone, the law prohibits recklessly endangering the public when flying an aircraft," Lisa Ellman said. "Regulations also prohibit dropping an object from an aircraft in a manner that creates a hazard to person or property. There may be no federal law that explicitly says, ‘it is unlawful to arm a UAS and shoot bullets from it.’ But there's a strong argument that shooting bullets from a UAS would be considered illegal under one or more existing provisions that are designed to ensure safety."

They always said Obama was coming for our guns, but we never expected it would be our flying, remote-controlled guns first …