Andrew Wardle isn't like other males. The 39-year-old British man was born without a penis. His condition that affects one in every 30 million men, provides him a small lump of skin no larger than an inch which doctors have fassend with a tube for urination. Penis or no penis, Andrew is an inspiration to men everywhere claiming to have had over 100 partners. In his words: 

"Most of the time they didn't seem too bothered – they liked the fact I could pleasure them in other ways and never expected anything in return," Wardle said. "Only once has telling a woman I don't have a penis turned out badly. She got angry and punched me in the face." Why she'd punch him in the face over a handicap seems strange but none the less, Wardle must not worry about that happening again. 

Surgeons are going to take a large flap of forearm skin, with its blood vessels and nerves, fold it into a tube like a Swiss roll and graft it on to the pubic area. According to surgeons, Wardle should have a natural looking penis that's able to urinate and feel pleasure during sex.

Andrew we salute you, although having the ability to say your penis is the size of your forearm seems a little unfair.