This man's business card puts every other business card on the planet, including yours, to shame.

Guangbiao Chen may be worth $740 million and currently trying to buy the New York Times, but that's hardly his biggest accomplishment. What's he's best known for, as his impeccably crafted business card states, is the fact that he is the Most Influential Person in China. He is also China's most Prominent Philanthropist and Moral Leader. In short, Guangbiao is everything. He's your best friend, he's your boyfriend, he's a stomach-ache you got from that hot dog you ate, he's a tu-tu on a Chihuahua, he is sky, he is sun. And most of all, he's what's seriously making us reconsider our career choice.

We can only hope to one day be able to put Most Well-Known and Beloved Chinese Role model on our resume; we can't even imagine how many potential desk positions that would qualify us for. We're really going to start putting in the hours, working hard and diligently so that we too can add Earthquake Rescue Hero to our "Skills and Capabilities" section. We think that would look really good on our application for the assistant manager position at Chili's.

Guangbiao's Wiki entry on also states that he's famous for his "high-profile but questionably motivated charity drive." Is there anything this man can't do?