Uh-oh! There’s about to be a passive-aggressive shitstorm in the comments section …

The Internet is a curious place full of inquisitive folk who use the Google to ask life’s most burning questions. Of course, the search engine takes note of each inquiry, making it possible to track the search habits of all America’s children.

In 2015 we reported on the “Most Googled” searches for each state (Colorado’s was “Water on Mars” because we’re smart), but now the good folks over at Mental Floss have now determined the specific questions each state has been asking most frequently. As it turns out, everyone in Colorado is curious “Why Colorado hates California.” That, more than any other question, is apparently the one most Coloradans need the most e-help with.

While it’s worth noting some of the other interesting search queries on Mental Floss’ map (three state’s most Googled question is “Why does ___ (my state) exist?”), we thought we’d just dive into Colorado’s little problem and solve this mystery once and for all. To answer your question, Coloradans … Isn’t it self-evident? We mean there is an entire SNL skit dedicated to the running joke that is the “Californian.”

It turns out, it’s not just Coloradans who seem to harbor this anti-Cali sentiment. It’s the entire god damn country, so we’re in good company (or at least in the majority, not sure if either is necessarily a good thing). As reported by Gawker, a Public Policy Polling firm interviewed over 3,000 Americans to determine the least popular state in the union and California was by far the most hated with 44 percent of participants giving the state an unfavorable rating. On top of that, only a quarter of interviewees considered The Golden State "favorably."

The earth itself seems hell-bent on purging the state and all of its residents via an inevitable earthquake, constant raging wildfires and/or perpetual droughts, but in true Cali fashion, they just can’t take a hint. It's worth noting that Colorado was considered the second most favorable state in the country (following only Hawaii). Not that we’re bragging or anything.

The larger question is of course why? Well, Californian transplants can’t be entirely blamed for the unsustainable affordable housing crisis crippling Denver at the moment, they can at least shoulder a little of the blame as the state seems to export loaded urbanites in troves.

In 2009, the Denver Post reported: “The number of people leaving California for another state outstripped the number moving in from another state. California lost a net total of 144,000 people during that period — more than any other state.”

They seemingly can’t stand being around one another and have instead chosen to grace the rest of us with their charm and unrealistically high threshold for per month rental agreements.

Next, show us a Californian who isn’t the biggest burrito snob on earth. Californians are the first to complain about every other state’s Hispanic food choices. The best burrito, taco food truck in the entire state of Colorado would elicit the most blasé “I mean, it’s like alright or whatever” response from a transplant Californian. First of all shut the hell up, secondly, french fries have no business being inside of a burrito unless you’re an invalid or six. And California doesn't even have green chili. Yeah, they have green salsa but it's not green chili and therefore we're considering all their burrito arguments null and void.

Also, no one cares about In-N-Out Burger, so just cut it out with the "animal style" horse-poop. Take a bath in mustard and grilled onions already and get over yourself.

Lastly, "hella" is not a linguistically recognized prefix so please stop using it as a catch-all term to amplify "-ness" in the following hyphenated word.

It’s hella-fucking annoying.