Oh, is that why?

Weed is officially kosher for Passover, but your wife's decaying remains? Not so much.

That would have been good to know for Kevin Arntz, a man who killed and ate his wife, then infamously blamed his dinner choice on the effects of marijuana. But although he unsuccessfully appealed his conviction on the grounds he was high when he did it, he's now being used as an example to scare kids away from weed.

A Florida District Judge named Joseph Filip is leading the charge on this. In a court-to-school event at Western High School in Parma, FL, he regaled 200 high school students with the grisly story of how Arntz bludgeoned, dismembered and cooked his wife in the taco/pizza restaurant they owned.

And why would Arntz commit such a heinous crime? According to Filip, it was weed. Definitely weed. Not the fist-sized brain tumor he'd had, or his history of mental illness. Just some stanky bud.

"Sometimes you have to have that mindset that you want to do it, and what softens up the mind? Marijuana," said Judge Filip. We mean, sometimes we do get really strong munchies …

In 2007, a psychiatrist wrote a report stating Arntz may have been in a state of "marijuana-induced psychosis, characterized by delusions and intense fear" when he murdered his wife in July 1999. Investigators found a small amount of weed at the crime scene, and witnesses reported he'd been smoking a lot of it in the month before the killing.

"So the argument that marijuana doesn't hurt anybody is bunk," Filip said. "Yeah, Kevin Arntz cooked his wife because he was hallucinating over marijuana, thought she was the she-devil, at least that's what he told people."

But aside from blaming cannabalism on cannabis, Filip also lectured to students that marijuana turns people on to pills, and then heroin.

"They go to heroin because the pills are too expensive," the judge said. "Well, marijuana can be expensive too … chasing the dragon."

Yep, that crazy dragon! So hard to catch!

Clearly, Filip doesn't agree with weed legalization.

"The idea that weed frees us up to chase the bad guys. What drug do you think the bad guys are one most of the time? Marijuana, or they're an alcoholic. That's what I see in the system from my perspective, " he said. "Am I dead wrong? Could be."

You sure could, Judge Filip. You sure could.