When reality TV stars take over the White House, we're all fucked. 

Just when we thought the  political build up to the 2016 elections couldn't be anymore of  clusterfuck, Mark Cuban took the opportunity to toss his name into the arena of political entertainment. The Maverick's owner, Shark Tank extraordinaire and BeatBox alcohol investor stated that should Donald Trump ask him to be his VP, he'd gladly oblige. This is of course assuming Donald Trump continues to lose friends and alienate people — a strategy that has done him well so far. 

"Would I consider [running for vice president if Trump asked]?" Cuban said in response to a question by Business Insider. "Yes.” This after the billionaire offered his two cents on Trump's candidacy just a few days earlier calling Trump "probably the best thing to happen to politics in a long time.” And you know what, we have to agree with him. 

All to often politicians follow their superfluous campaign rhetoric set in place by a weasley campaign manager and PR firm which barely breaks the surface. Once adversity and tough questions appear, the candidates succomb to the pressure worse than a Casting Couch participant. And like those participants, they do whatever it takes to win the hearts of the people. 

As for us, we're gearing up to watch this circus continue. Not going to lie, Trump Cuban 2016 would be a highly entertaining, against the grain, political team that would make for a fun ride. Or it would turn into a fireball that engulfs everyone around it, including the Tea Party. Is that a bad thing?