Welcome back to the future, Marty. 

After a rash of badly photoshopped images of Marty's arrival date from Back to the Future II, we've finally landed on the real date from the movie. 

If you're not busy on the day of, you can watch a special screening at the Boulder Public Library. The movie starts exactly at 4:29pm. 

But first, you need to dress the part. Thankfully, most of the sweet gear that Marty rocks is available online. You can pick up his killer hat on Amazon for only $35.

Next, add his self-drying, self-adjusting jacket from eBay for around $300

And last, you can actually buy a bottle of Pepsi Perfect starting tomorrow. Even with 30 years of soda research, it probably still tastes like malted battery acid. 

If you wanna see the actual clip from the film (because we hadn't watched it since the early '90s), you can check it out here:

But if you want a more accurate, depressing depiction of the state of 2015, you need to watch this instead:

Happy Back to the Future day, everyone!