The state of Massachusetts has introduced new legislation that would make it illegal to attach firearms to robots, completely thwarting our plans to achieve world domination through arming the LG refrigerators at Home Depot.


The law would essentially prohibit the manufacture, sale and operation of robotic devices or drones that are mounted with a weapon.


Now, at first, we were all for it. We’ve all seen Terminator and 2001: A Space Odyssey, and regardless of legislation that gets presented on the East Coast, we’re pretty sure you know how this story ends.


However, the bill goes on to stipulate that this prohibition of arming robots really only applies to the common man. In other words, law enforcement and the U.S. military would be essentially exempt from this law, which we feel defeats the entire purpose of outlawing the act of giving guns to robots.


Indeed, if we were allowed to put a handgun into the anthropomorphic hands of our sex robots when the government came knocking, we can’t help but feel like George Orwell’s books probably would have had different endings.