Love be in the air for these Faygo-crossed 'los and 'lettes.

Sup Sup Sup, Fam!

We know all you badass 'los and 'lettes be on the hunt for some jugga-love. So crack open a frosty Faygo and get down with the Clown, because we've kompiled a list of the most mothafuckin' eligible juggalos in this cold, dead world. Whoop whoop!

1. Spell-Check Steve


2. Help-Him-Get-To-Work Harry


3. Double Whammy Doug and Tammy


4. Catcher-in-the-Pokemon Peter


5. Smarter-Than-Roughly-Half-of-First Graders Gretchen


6. Possum-Foundation Frank


7. And This Guy

(Winner of this year's I-C-Penis Award)

Not enough juicy jugs for you? Don't get all upset and ruin your face paint; You can find all these sexual pimps and hoes at the juggalo event of the year: The 14th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, going on NOW at the Big Ballas campsite in Cave-in-Rock, IL. See you there, Fam!