But first, meet the really f-ing insane music video that goes with it, starring Lil' Wayne's most 'meh' baby mama Lauran London, and a bunch of other almost-famous fools.

Major Lazer's new video for 'Scare Me' is just came out and it's whack. In a good way.  It's chock full of stars on stars on B-list stars like Nick Kroll, Peaches, Blake Anderson, and Terry Crews who is a humongous, super ripped black Adonis, just positively coursing with steroids as we speak. Lil' Wayne's least hideous baby mama, Lauren London, even snuck in there somehow. It's like a campy C-grade movie meets Mortal Kombat meets Danny Trejo in Machete, and then all three of them go off an take the kind of amphetamine that makes you really antisocial at a dancehall show.

Major Lazer is known for making insane videos, and this one is hardly an exception (have you seen Bubble Butt? Eric Wareheim from Tim & Eric Awesome Show directed it and it's f-ing crazy).

Let's watch, shall we?