Find your face, as well as your inner stalker in this sea of pixels with Faces of Facebook. It's the first and only webpage that has all 1.26 billion Facebook profiles on it. Ah-mazing.

Creative technologist Natalia Rojas did a fun little project called taking all 1.26 billion Facebook profiles and putting them in one place, on one webpage. That's right; your face is somewhere in that sea of pixels and gummy smiles and Myspace angles. It's like a Facebook orgy!

It's called Faces of Facebook, and it's Natalia's way of saying "I am creative technologist gold, please hire me." She developed the site for no particular reason other to say she did. 

But apart from being a bit of a technological feat, Natalia's site also allows you to wholeheartedly express your inner creep; you can keep clicking on the pixels until you're zoomed down enough to see some recognizable body parts. Boobs, chests, faces, and a penis that we found all start to materialize as you zoom in. So, instead of lurking your own Facebook, you can lurk the entire world's Facebook, scanning the crowd for babes like the stalker you are.

Do you feel like a CIA agent? This is pretty much the closest you'll ever come to having access to billions of people.

It's actually really cool, guys. Having everyone's profile in one place at one time gives you a delicious little slice of diversity and a scrumptious bite of perspective on what it's like to be just one of 1.26 billion people. We're all so interconnected *sob*, it's so beautiful *crying, weeping, moaning…do you have a tissue?*

And take a chill pill or a nap, because no privacy rules are being broken; no data other than your profile picture and the date you joined Facebook is available on the site.

Check it out: