Way too many students thought this was a good idea … 

Hot-boxing a car is way, way too easy. If you really want to up your weed game, you need to aim high. Like, really really high. 

Enterprising students in Durango, Colorado decided to take things to the next level by not only hot-boxing one of those fun parachutes that you used to play with in elementary school, but by also doing it in the middle of campus. 

But like every time you try to smoke out a parachute in public, the fuzz is gonna show up and harsh your mellow. But these stoney-baloneys had the perfect counterattack.

You have to respect their method of escape, because there's no way that rent-a-cop was gonna catch one of them, much less all of them. 

And the relentless giggle from the stoner filming the whole thing? Classic. 

We can only hope you had this much fun yesterday — and that it involved a lot less fleeing. In its entire history as a word, "fleeing" has never been a good thing, and certainly not something a high person should do.