Tackling one of man's most common sexual problems.

Premature ejaculation has long been one of the most common sexual dysfunctions in men. It is even more common than the infamous erectile dysfunction.

The 2011 Global Online Sexuality Survey, which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, showed that as many as 1 in 3 men in the United States are dealing with some form of premature ejaculation.

That means that around 50 million men in the United States alone are having an orgasm sooner than they or their partner would like.

What a lot of people don’t know is that there are actually four different types of premature ejaculation. And even though the treatment methods are similar (we will go into that later), we think a man should know which category he falls into.

Lifelong premature ejaculation:
This is probably the most widely known form of PE. A man with lifelong PE is someone who has always ejaculated under one minute from the moment of vaginal penetration.

Men with lifelong premature ejaculation have had this problem since their first sexual encounter.

Acquired premature ejaculation:
What? Premature ejaculation can strike me even if I consider myself to be the king in bed? The answer is yes!

Acquired premature ejaculation is a case where a man who used to enjoy a standard (or even above standard) sexual performance has started to lose control over his ejaculation reflex and now falls under the one-minute definition of premature ejaculation.

The causes of premature ejaculation are varied, so this could happen for one or a number of different reasons.

We should point out that in rare cases, premature ejaculation could be caused by medical conditions, such as diabetes, erectile dysfunction, neurological conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, or urological disorders, such as urethritis. So if you have suddenly started to suffer from premature ejaculation, we recommend that (without getting too anxious) you talk to your doctor.

Variable premature ejaculation:
This is an interesting one, indeed!

Variable premature ejaculation is premature ejaculation that occurs in an inconsistent manner. In other words, a man could enjoy a normal sexual performance but still ejaculate prematurely in certain cases.

This form of premature ejaculation can happen with a specific partner (or specific partners) or it could happen in certain instances that have nothing to do with the partner.

That means that, for example, a man could be suffering from premature ejaculation with his wife but still be an amazing lover with his mistress. Quite a story!

Subjective premature ejaculation:
Subjective is the last type of premature ejaculation.

Subjective premature ejaculation is when a man thinks he suffers from premature ejaculation, even though he does not fit the medical definition.

We are talking about a man who does not only want to improve his control but is also preoccupied with his imagined premature ejaculation.

It is important to point out that even in this case, a man can learn how to prolong his ejaculation and improve his sexual performance.

So how can you overcome premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation can be treated by using sexual behavioral therapy exercises.

You are probably asking yourself, what does this mean?

Well, sexual behavioral therapy exercises are masturbation and full-penetration exercises that help men gain awareness of the feelings that precede an orgasm and teach them how to use this awareness to control the ejaculation reflex.

These exercises have been commonly used by sex therapists and have helped men overcome premature ejaculation for the past 45 years.

About the Between Us Clinic

At the Between Us Clinic, we have developed the PE Program–a smart online system that includes a home exercise program for self-treatment of premature ejaculation.

Each PE Program client receives his own personal exercise plan. Our smart system adjusts each client’s plan to match his personal progress.

Going to a sex therapist could cost thousands of dollars before seeing results, and numbing sprays don’t solve the problem itself.

We strive to provide the same treatment experience that going to a sex therapist would but in a comfortable online setting (and at a fraction of the cost).

So for men who want to treat their premature ejaculation from the privacy of their own home, use a commonly known method, achieve long-term results, and have the support and guidance of our online system, we believe you should give the PE Program a try!