In an ideal world, we could swim in a sea of tequila, river-raft down tequila rapids, and dance in tequila drops as they rain down from the sky. But this wonderful world of boozey bliss has always been inconceivable… until now. The great nation of Mexico has brought us one step closer to a tequila utopia with the invention of a cloud that produces real raindrops of tequila.


The first cloud that rains tequila. #tequilacloud #visitmexico

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The cloud’s creation was commissioned by the Mexican tourism board, who aimed to attract international travellers to their scorching hot country. With the help of an American creative agency, the cloud was installed at an art gallery in Berlin, where patrons can fill their cups with tequila collected from its intoxicating showers.

To know when the cloud will be having its next downpour, you’ll only need to check the local weather forecast. The cloud is synced with the city’s weather patterns, so that anytime it rains in the region, the tequila cloud rains, too.

Unfortunately, the alcoholic cloud can’t be sent to the skies anytime soon. The puff of vapor is composed of a tequila-based mist that requires a plastic container to maintain its fluffy shape. Its creators use ultrasonic humidifiers to vibrate tequila particles at a rate that turns the alcohol into a visible mist, then filter it into the container to condense.

To enjoy the liquor rainfall, visitors must drop in to the gallery on a stormy day. But for those unfortunate enough to see the tequila cloud on a sunshiny afternoon, a spout beneath the cloud can dispense tequila effortlessly.


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This breakthrough in booze delivery gives us hope for our fantasies of tequila seas and tequila skies. The cloud’s invention was only intended to promote tourism — but if Mexico can make it rain margaritas, we’ll do them one better, and buy up all the adobe villas the land has to offer. In fact, we’ve already packed our bags and salted our rims. Viva la Mexico!