Gluteal enhancement surgeries can be lethally dangerous. The Kardashian booty doesn’t come without risks.

Last year, a woman who received butt implants developed a deadly form of lymphoma, previously linked to texture breast implants. Then instances of butt implants actually exploding inside women’s butts started becoming more and more frequent, leaving these helpless females gluteus-maximum-less.

Most recently though, a famous Mexican Instagram influencer by the name of Josely Cano, who many regarded as the “Mexican Kim Kardashian,” died after a Brazilian butt lift surgery went horribly awry.


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Cano had millions of Instagram followers, she owned her own swimsuit company and had a degree from San Diego State University in microbiology. She had it all: smarts, fame, money, abs, a petite waste and a bondonga-donk booty to top it all off.

However, as is sadly the case with folks who get obsessed with surgical bodily enhancement, Cano wasn’t satisfied with her appearance. Even though she had already achieved international fame as a swimsuit model. So, she scheduled a Brazilian butt lift surgery in Columbia — from which she would never return.


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What is a Brazilian butt lift? One might ask. Well, unlike a butt implant, where doctors physically insert silicon sacs on top of the gluteal muscle tissue, to uplift and aggrandize those cheeks, a Brazilian butt lift uses no plastic. Instead, for a butt lift surgery doctors will liposuction fat from one area of the body, purify it and then carefully inject it back into the patient’s back-side.

It’s supposed to be a safer and less invasive gluteal enhancement surgery, with no risk of implant rejection, and no need for lengthy incisions. But something went terribly wrong during Cano’s surgery. No one knows exactly what, but she died shortly thereafter. 


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Cano’s family has yet to confirm her death, but videos of her funeral have been uploaded to YouTube already.

No matter whether it’s a butt implant or a Brazilian butt lift, gluteal enhancement surgeries like these are a roll of the dice. As the tragic and totally unexpected death of Josely Cano proves, they can backfire on someone at almost any moment. She isn't the first woman to die after a butt surgery gone awry and she won't be the last either.