This must be the first installment of the Xzibit Colorado reboot of ‘Hemp My Ride' …

A guy in Florida has designed a mid-life crisis sports car made almost entirely out of weed.

Okay fine, hemp, but everyone knows hemp is just straight-edge weed.

The car looks almost like a Mazda Miata convertible in every way as the chassis itself was once part of an actual Miata, but the body is pure 100 percent, Grade A hemp. The fibers used to create the body were intricately woven and set in a mold where they hardened with a resin — then finally painted in “I Lost Money In My Divorce But Look At Me Now” red.

The engine — not made from hemp … yet — runs on biobutanol, a fuel produced from corn, sugar beets, and other types of biomass. It’s the green car the automotive industry for some reason hasn’t produced, yet a bored retiree in Florida has built one in his spare time.

Designer Bruce Dietzen says he “hopes to extend industrial hemp to the floorboards and other parts of the chassis and put his cannabis car on the market next year at a starting price of about $42,000,” according to the Denver Post.

Dietzen was inspired to create a hemp car in part by Henry Ford, who Dietzen claims built a similar hemp-mobile in 1941. With no justifiable record of this claim anywhere on the world wide web, we can only assume it was purely a pipe dream, regardless of his ardent claim that he himself does not partake in the occasional toke.

Dietzen packed up his hemp car and drove from his home in Florida to Denver, where he plans to woo some investors and maybe sell a few models in the future.

If this teaches us anything, it’s the unfortunate truth that hemp is still more useful than the vast majority of humans. Marijuana wins again! And again. And AGAIN.