Will it have tiny toilets, though?

Call it a colossal waste of money or one of the best ideas this city's ever had, either way, there's going to be a mini-Mile High stadium in the lot of the current one before next year's football season. 

On Monday, the Broncos' head of business development, Mac Freeman, delivered a plan to the Metropolitan Football Stadium District board about the new memorial venture. The tiny replica of the old Mile High Stadium is lined out to be a 1/8 scale version of the previous Broncos home and will contain 176 of the original seats (where the hell did they store those for so long?) and a stand-alone bleacher section in remembrance of the batshit crazy south stands. 

Along with the near 300-capacity accommodations of the new setup, plans call for both a Bucky the Bronco and Barrel Man statue, a large video screen and tables where they will hopefully serve tiny beers and little smokies (one can dream).

Developers hope to start constructing the memorial in April, with a finished product tentatively scheduled to be unveiled before the football season begins in August.

Will it have tiny toilets, though?

photo: Phil Cherner