Can’t we just veto Mississippi out of the country?

The south has never been a bastion of progressive politics, but lately one state amongst its ranks us unquestionably proving just how out of touch with the real world it really is.

Mississippi, fattest state in America, is quick on its way to legalizing discrimination against homosexuals and same sex couples, people that identify as transgender or don’t adhere to expected gender norms, and everyone that has hot and steamy premarital sex.

What the fuck Mississippi?

All this has come about following the state senate approval of House Bill 1523. The “religious freedom bill” claims the state won’t take discriminatory action against a person or religious organization for refusing to take part in services objectionable to their religion.

Which doesn’t sound too bad on the surface, but the wording is cryptic as fuck. Really, the bill has little to do with religious freedom and has more to do with Mississippi wanting to uphold its reputation as one of the most bigoted states in the country. Yeehaw!

The bill would protect certain religious beliefs including: 1) Marriage can only be between a man and woman, 2) Sexual relations are only allowed in a marriage and 3) Gender is determined at birth (something already scientifically proven to be terribly false).

By protecting these beliefs, the proposed bill allows people with “sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction” to:

– Discriminate against homosexuals
– Discriminate against transgendered people
– Discriminate against those that don’t adhere to gender norms
– Discriminate against people having premarital sex

– Basically discriminate over anything just because they want to

This, of course, allows businesses in the state to refuse service to gay customers, much like they did (and clearly still want to) with black customers before the Civil Rights Act. Holy shit its 2016!

Also, it would allow businesses to ban its female employees from wearing pants and firing people for having premarital sex. In theory, a business could literally fire a single mother for having a kid out of wedlock. That's not ridiculous, or anything, right?

House Bill 1523 is widely considered one of the most outwardly discriminatory bills in recent memory and has advanced through the Mississippi senate just days after the governor of Georgia vetoed a similar bill.

The bill has been approved by the Mississippi House of Representatives and Senate and will go back to the house before final approval by the Governor. It seems very likely that the house will once again approve the bill as they overwhelmingly voted for the original bill back in February by a vote of 80 to 39.

Can’t we just veto Mississippi out of the country? It's apparent that this is what those fat asses want.