The Hanson brother imposter is actually a girl who won't MMM-stop stalking them.

Okay, you know you have questionable taste in music when you move across the country to be closer to the 90's pop outfit that made this:

But Alexandra Eileen Martin doesn't give a shit that Hanson sucks, or that they have a no-contact order against her…for stalking.

She defied both well-known facts Wednesday when she showed up at a charity fundraiser before their show in Des Moines, in blatant disregard for a court order that prohibited her from being within 300 feet of the super-cute brothers. She weaseled her way within arm's reach of middle brother, Taylor Hanson, and was this close to touching his 90's demigod skin when they noticed her ogling and salivating mere inches from where they were standing. Hanson was like, " OMMMG girl, MMM-stop stalking us."

Not wanting to make a scene (they're so sweet, those Hansons!), they waited until their show that night to alert police, who tracked her down pretty easily seeing as how she looks like all three brothers morphed into one super-Hanson during a freak experiment.

Apparently, Alexandra admitted to stalking, and word-vomited that she moved from Massachusetts to Tulsa, OK where the brothers live (they're so dreamy), just to be closer to them…Really? You like Hanson that much? Have you heard them?

The po-po charged her with three counts of violating a no-contact order, and she's being held on a $7,500 bond. And that, kids, is what happens when you like Hanson.