The world is changing fast, and drugs are changing at hyperspeed. Here's news on drugs from this week. What's helpful? What's dangerous? What's legal? What's safe? To lift. To liberate. To entertain.

1. Molly could chill out social axiety in the autistic, as a small study showed that MDMA-assisted psychotherapy reduced social anxiety in spectrumy adults. This makes sense to us, given that MDMA therapy is already working in the underground, helps veterans, is a "breakthrough" treatment, and is based on a drug that, let's face it, makes even the biggest losers feel good about themselves.

2. Mac Miller died. The Rooster Magazine cover boy, one-time Donald Trump aspirant, former Ariana Grande fuck man and, oh yeah, sweet musician, dropped dead at the age of 26. The death cause is officially undetermined, but Miller fucked with lean, booze, weed, cocaine and opioids, all to fix stress and sadness, and rapped "a drug habit like Philip (Seymour) Hoffman will probably put me in a coffin," so that's probs what happened.  

photo - Mac Miller - tattoos

[Mac Miller. Such a nice boy before he got involved in drugs.]

3. Fully 146 million Americans can now smoke a joint without worrying about legal punishment, reckons Marijuana Moment. That's about 45 percent of the country.

4. On the other hand, in Malaysia, a dude was sentenced to death for giving cannabis oil to sick people — because why acknowledge the world is changing when you can just hang dudes?

5. Scientists continue to be head-scrunchingly confused by what the hell happens to you on DMT, LSD, shrooms or any other psychedelics. Why the crazy colors, the insane visual distortions and the desire to write long blog posts? One new study suggests a trip is like meditation. An essay in Scientific American says maybe it gives you access to Something Big, a "mind at large." Even scientists, talking about psychedelics, sound like dudes on psychedelics.

6. Along the same lines, the Beatle who co-wrote Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Paul McCartney, took DMT recently and told the Sunday Times newspaper "I saw God, this amazing towering thing, and I was humbled."

photo - Paul McCartney

[Paul McCartney. Such a nice boy before he got involved in drugs.]

7. Drug users can shoot up safely in injection sites in Europe and Canada. America says maybe to these "fix rooms." But recently, a powerful Washington law-enforcement twerp named Rod Rosenstein wrote an article against them, saying fix rooms "subsidize drug problems." This week, bunch of druggish writers and addicts responded that Rosenstein, respectfully speaking, has both thumbs up his ass and must've typed out his article with his feet. Addicts, meanwhile, shoot up in the street like always.

8. As a reminder that there's always more to learn, Reddit user suche1 offers this stunning tip: "Call your parents before getting high so they won't call when you are high." Genius.

9. Cannabidiol — CBD — sometimes called the medicinal part of marijuana, calmed symptoms of psychosis in semi schizophrenic people, study says. THC, on the other hand, can give crazy a foothold, a different study found.

10. Smart people love drugs. And sometimes forget to keep their love a private affair, like gay sex in the 1950s. Elon Musk — the real life Tony Stark who shot his car into space — loves drugs. He puffed a blunt on the Joe Rogan show — though did not appear to inhale. And Azealia Banks said that when Musk tweeted about taking Tesla public, he was on acid.

11. Kids snitch the darndest ways. On a traffic stop in New York, a 3-year-old girl reached under the seat and handed state troopers a bag of her parents' marijuana. "She opened it and held it up so the trooper could see the contents,” state police said in a press release. Cops laughed and laughed — aren't those little noodles adorable? — and then arrested the parents and took them to jail. And possibly extradited them to Malaysia for hanging.