MTV playing music!? Naaaaaaaah …

For some of you, there may not even be a time in those faded memory blocks that you can remember when MTV had anything to do with music. Back in the day, there was a slew of programming directly related to what big labels wanted to cram down our impressionable throats, and shows spanned genre tastes anywhere from farty pop countdowns to metal features (though Headbanger's Ball was reserved only for kids who were allowed to stay up late or didn't have any parents). Then, for whatever reason, following around loud-mouthed pregnant teens and douchebag Jersey types became the norm, leaving everyone questioning why anyone even bothered to call it MTV anymore — it was a poor, lost, broken shell of what it used to be …

Now, however, it seems programming directors may be getting the hint that music isn't a fad and people appreciate it more than twits on parade. Beginning yesterday, the "Palladia" network channel (also owned by parent company Viacom) is henceforth known as MTVLive — a supposed extension of what the channel started out as some 35-years ago. It's not clear yet on what exactly the programming will consist of going forward, but the first week's schedule looks like it will focus on documentaries and live performances. 

We're good with that.

Ongoing Schedule:

February 1 — P!nk: The Truth About Love Tour (9:00pm ET)–
February 2 — Front and Center: Alt- J (Network Premiere) (9:00pm ET)
February 3 — Best of Austin City Limits: Radiohead (Network Premiere) (9:00pm ET)
February 4 — Live from Daryl's House: Joe Walsh (9:00pm ET)
— Later…With Jools Holland (10:00pm ET)
February 5 — Jay-Z: Made in America (9:00pm ET)
February 6 — David Bowie: Five Years (9:00pm ET)