We can't even remember what we had for dinner last night and this dude's …

Murs is a walking legend in the underground / independent hip-hop scene. Everyone who knows, knows, and anyone who doesn't, knows something he's been tied to at one point or another. 

What kind of a notch could a dude like this possibly be after to supercede his 9 solo albums, dozens of collaborative drops and co-creating the Paid Dues Music Festival? A world record, perhaps? 

As part of one massive advertisement for Boost Mobile and its recently launched unlimited plan, Murs announced to Billboard that he will be hosting an hour long show via Facebook Live and Periscope delving into the world of hip-hop. The series, titled Where You At? LA, premiered last night, July 13, and will run until September 28 — the final episode being an entire 24 hours of him just freestyling with a camera phone in his face. Nothing more, nothing less.

Asked how he's going to prepare for the event, Murs says:

“I’m going to take it in three-hour chunks, move up to eight-hour chunks and then an 18-hour chunk the week before. We’re also thinking of building some type of booth for me to sit in with a one-way mirror so people can come by and watch me. But this will be live streamed for all 24 hours. People can go to bed, wake up and make sure I’m still rapping. Whenever you want to tune in, I’ll be there for 24 hours. The more I talk about this now, the more I think about 'what did I get myself into' [laughs].”