Worst. Restaurant. Idea. Ever ….

As a whole, there isn't much going on from humanity by way of creativity. Most everything has been thought of or done already, and where there's an idea, there's usually a start-up geek trying to capitalize on it.

So what does one do in lieu of inventing something completely new? Progress that which is already in place. Like eating food at a restaurant … naked. Brilliant!

That's what The Amrita in Tokyo, Japan is looking to bank on. Much like its predecessor in London (with no relation to), attendees of The Amrita dine completely in the nude, save for some 'paper underwear' provided by the wait staff — except there are a few awkward catches to be a part of it.

For one, you can't be fat. Anyone over 15kg of what they 'should' be, according to their height, are turned away at the door. 

For two, you can't be old. Anyone over the age of 60 isn't welcome, either.

For threese, you can't have tattoos

No fatties, no oldies and no inkies — this sounds like one of the worst places to dine, to be completely honest.

But given these strict policies set forth by the beauty buzzkills, there must be something in place to redeem themselves, no?

For some, maybe, as the restaurant promises everyone will have a grand time being served by Japan's hottest men who also happen to perform dances on stage with g-strings on.

Worst. Restaurant. Idea. Ever.