She's … just … so … bad … at … everything.

Do we even need to get into how much Nancy Grace rarely makes sense when she climbs atop her golden milk-crates and attempts to preach her twisted views about an ill-perceived reality?

We’re sad people take her seriously, but still get small kicks when a pop culture mainstay such as 2 Chainz can sit calmly in his seat while debating Grace about cannabis legalization and completely unfold her inane logic.

In this clip from a recent airing of her show, the two go back and forth about weed’s role in society, with one side intelligently breaking down the hypocrisies in the system and the other side pretending that her jacket doesn’t look like a wet trash bag.

The most absurd distortions from Grace’s mouth appears about halfway through when she proclaims, “If you want to qualify for a home then why don’t you just not smoke pot, why don’t you just not get arrested?”

And she really thinks this type of illogical mindset is worth everyone’s time? Our faces are pretty bruised from all the inevitable facepalming. We’re not even sure why we put ourselves through 9 minutes of eye-rolling when we have better things to do, like climb into a sub-zero sleeping bag and pretend it’s the latest fashion trend of 2015.

The clip moves slowly at first, but around the 7:00 mark 2 Chainz gets noticeably perturbed and gracefully tips the conversation to his side entirely.

… and shout out to the Bronco hat sighting. It’s why we love Colorado.