Embark on a voyage of exploration, where your deepest desires are embraced, and your passions are set ablaze. Experience a multi-level extravaganza of interactive stages, immersive activities, pulsating dance floors hosted by multiple DJs, and a myriad of unique experiences with VIP upgrades available for those who wish to truly delve into an experience like no other.

As the night unfolds, venture deeper into the enchantment that awaits. Descend into the ethereal Nightclub, a realm where music pulses through your veins and melodies embrace your soul. Lose yourself in the rhythmic beats, as your body moves in harmony with the pulsating energy of the dance floor. Surrender to the magic of the night, and let the music guide you to uncharted territories of euphoria.
Prepare to step into a realm where pleasure knows no bounds, where desires are awakened, and passions set aflame. Costume attire is mandatory—no exceptions will be made.
Date: September 23, 2023
Location: Mirus Art Gallery + Art Bar // 1144 Broadway // Denver, CO 80203
Tickets and more information: denverhalloween.net