What more do you need in life? A flying car? Maybe. But this is pretty damn close to being a major breakthrough for anyone who believes walking to the other side of the room is a cumbersome and monotonous waste of time that needs to resolved. 

The bike is the joint effort of Technodat, Evektor, and Duratec companies in Prague. 

With a toy dummy, the 220 lb. bike was able to use all six fans to propel itself five feet off the ground and circle the warehouse. Because of the its weight and the lifespan of the battery-powered fans, the flying bike can only last for five minutes before needing a recharge. Sounds like our sex life. 

Nonetheless, this is one step forward for the dummy on the bike and one giant leap forward for the market that will most likely get passed by when the personal helicopter makes its way to the limelight.