We've finally found our calling … 

Remember wrapping your face up in a black bath towel, slinking around the house and trying to karate chop things in half? It doesn't matter whether you did that in middle school or last week, because ninjas are awesome. And it's time to finally realize your dream of becoming one, but for real this time. Seriously. 

Japan's Aichi prefecture is looking to hire six ninjas in a bid to boost tourism.

The roles are full time and the pay is $1,600 a month, the job ad says (in Japanese).

Don't speak any Japanese? "Japanese language skills are preferred rather than essential," says the ad. Thank god. 

Ideal candidates should "enjoy being under the spotlight even though he or she is a secretive ninja," Satoshi Adachi of the prefecture's tourism promotion unit, told the press. The gig involves stage performances and "PR work" for radio and television. Combat experience as a ninja is not required and a track record of killing people for money would not help your application.

Anyone over 18 can apply to be a ninja in Aichi, and applications close on March 22. If you want to bring honor to your family, you'd better hurry. And here's a little sample of the high-flying, ninja-kicking stuff you'll be doing at your new job: