Chip away at all the bad karma amassed this year by playing an interactive trivia game online sponsored by The Warner Music Group and War Child. For every correct answer given, Warner Music pays War Child $1.50 to help children of war torn areas. Simple good deeds without all the hassles of paying money ourselves, right?

Would you look at that? We’ve only 4 weeks left of 2014 to make amends of all the wrong doings we’ve amassed over the past 11 months. That’s how this thing works right? YOLO all year and at the end of it pound some karma points into the bag to start fresh come January 1?

It’s not like we’re going to go out and solve the world’s ills in one fail swoop as we’d like it to be, but with the advent of technology, plenty of companies are making it easier to sit around and arm-chair the shit out of some charity work. We’re oddly at ease relaxing here drinking a $4 mocha (we get our from McDonald’s – only the clinically insane to pay any more than 5!) and expecting big companies to do all the money giving for us.

That said, the Warner Music Group and War Child (a non-profit giving back to children of war torn areas) have put in place a trivia site designed to give back for every correct answer the user gives. Be warned: It’s difficult if there isn’t any cheating involved, as it shows a selection of holiday themed videos while users guess the correct year they were filmed.

For every correct answer, Warner Music will give $1.50 to War Child. Simple karma indeed.

So far we’ve gotten 0 right after trying 3 separate times … clearly the $4 mocha hasn’t kicked in yet.

To throw your own musical mental capacities at the game go to and enjoy in the rebuilding of good standing character.