Hiking is great, but hiking with a shitload of beer is way better. 

Have you ever been hiking through the Flatirons, and right went you reach the top ridge line you think, "God, I'd just love an entire gallon of beer right now." Of course you have. We've all been there. And now you can bring your drinking problem with you wherever you go, thanks to ManCan's Flex Kit

These boozehounds had a killer Kickstarter launch, gathering up over $320,000, and now their custom home keg project can be portable. It holds 128 ounces — that's one gallon or two growlers. And it's pressurized, so instead of racing against the clock every time you fill up your growler, you can drink it whenever you want. Oh, and you can haul it around wherever you want, too. 

It'll cost you about $200 empty, and yeah, it's a little expensive. But in the craft beer mecca that is Colorado, there's no better place to have one of these.

If you're less hardcore, you can just keep it in the fridge, but only losers would do that. 

We have a kegerator in the office, but we'll be ordering a few of these to put in our official nap areas.