Now if this little bastard would just buy a few rounds, we'd be completely smitten.

Have you ever drank alone? We have a dog, so we never drink by ourselves — but we've heard that it's a lonely time. When you're drinking yourself into oblivion, it's always best to have someone along for the ride.

South Korean inventor Eunchan Park found himself in the same "binge drinking for one" scenario, so he decided to change it. So he created "little Drinky" — which might be the most adorable name for a robot. 

Park explains why he created little Drinky:

On Christmas in 2012, I drank Soju (Korean alcohol) alone because I had no girl friend at that time. Drinking alone was definitely terrible!! So I couldn’t drink anymore. Lastly, I put an extra glass in front of me and poured Soju into it. And then, I cheered by myself with the glass of Soju, as though there was someone in front of me.

Surprisingly, after that, the taste became totally to be changed!!!!!! WOW!!! So, I could finally find the secret of taste of alcohol totally depends on existence of partner. This is why I made this robot…

If it's good enough for one of the lonliest men in South Korea, it's good enough for us. Check this little bastard out!

He toasts you, and his little robot cheeks get red when he's hammered. Incredible, now where the hell do we get one?