See or be seen with the city's hottest felines!

The world needs more opportunities to get drunk with pets.

Sure, you can sit at home with those unresponsive freeloaders and a massive bottle of Yellowtail anytime you want, but then your social media profiles become drab and depressing. And as we all know, there's nothing worse than having a pathetic online presence. 

To combat that, the Denver Cat Co. is in the proces of raising funds to build the nation's first-ever, feline-filled wine bar. 

Owner Sana Hamelin already runs a successful 'cat cafe' on Tennyson St., where customers interact with close to a dozen adoptable cats while enjoying a cup of coffee. But people like wine, and lots of it, so an evening spot providing booze seemed like the next logical step.

“We’ve been thinking about this for quite a while, and it seemed very ambitious, but I think it’s time,” Hamelin tells the Denver Post. "We have a lot of the young female demographic, and they want to be able to come out and drink wine with their friends and hang out with cats.”

As of yet there is no location picked out for the potential spot, but Hamelin believes anywhere with foot traffic — be it RiNo, South Broadway or Colfax — would be as good as any for a new home. 

If you're wondering if any of this is legal at this point, Denver Cat Co. assures everyone in its Kickstarter campaign that it is. Even though there's nothing like it in the states, the team cites other examples of working cat cafes (aside from their own) that fall into rules just fine. As it will serve food alongside booze, the cats must remain in their own lounge area. 

Just last month, the city of Denver made it clear that dogs are no longer allowed inside of breweries, and can only be tied up outside of patio areas to be considered within health regulations. From the demand of that, coupled with a newfound demand for cat cafes and bars, the threshold between pets and drinking is breaking down more so than ever. 

It seems as though people are finally giving up on other people. Pets are the new support groups.

The prospect of never drinking alone again is almost too good to be true …