Yup, we just bought it too. We want it. We want it now. 

The amount of joy that Cards Against Humanity has brought the world cannot be calculated. The only problem is that now everyone has played it, and it doesn't bring the same squeals of happiness that it used to, no matter how many expansion packs they crank out.

Wouldn't it be awesome if someone made a new game that was kinda like CAH, only not a complete rip-off and maybe had pictures? Well, your dreams just came true. The hilarious bastards over at Cyanide and Happiness just launched their Kickstarter for their new card game, and it's crushing right now


We've already bought a game for the office, for home and for most of our friends. 

The rules are simple:

Everyone draws seven cards: Players should always have seven cards.
The deck plays first: Judge picks the panel blindly from the top of the draw pile.
The judge plays second: The judge picks the second panel from his own hand and will put it on either side.
Everyone else plays third: The other players give the third panel to the judge face down
The judge picks a winner: The just lays them down on at a time and will pick the favorite

So more or less an original knock-off of CAH? We're so there. 

The way things are shaping up, they might be able to take a run at the $8 million record from Exploding Kittens, another card game that went absolutely apeshit on Kickstarter — and yes, we bought that sweet-ass game too.