Tattoo a flaming ying-yang on your face, see if we care.

Tattoos are really great when you get them, aren't they? I mean, look at your arm. Once it was but an arm. Now it has a pumpkin with a face on it. That's called an upgrade.

But decade or so down the line, and suddenly that tribal sun you got around your anus just isn't that cool anymore. The flaming dolphin ying-yang tramp stamp that once endeared you to so many ladies (two), has melted into your tribal sun. And that "Sheila" cursive monstrosity on your forearm makes no sense because Sheila is no longer your girlfriend; she's your accountant.

Alas, there's nothing you can do. Tattoos are permanent.

Or, at least they used to be until Ephemeral came around.

A two-year-old startup based out of Harlem, Ephemeral has completely revolutionized the world of permanent mistakes by creating a specialized tattoo ink that only lasts on your skin for about a year. That means when it comes to tattoos, there's no commitment and no consequences.

The secret of Ephemeral's temporary product is that it contains much smaller molecules than traditional tattoo ink. This makes it much easier for your body's immune system to eradicate. And … and! If at any point Ephemeral's customers decide they want their tattoos removed sooner than a year, a special solution can be applied via tattoo machine to remove all the components instantly.

IN-FUCKING-CREDIBLE. Getting our faces tattooed about it right now.

As we speak, there are already other short-lasting ink companies like Tattoo You and Inkbox that allow commitment-phobes to experience what it's like to have a shark's mouth in their armpit, but those only last a few weeks tops. Ephemeral gives wearers a much closer approximation of what living with a permanent tattoo feels like without having to make the lifelong commitment to the crying Morrissey on their right underboob.

Currently, Ephemeral is being tested on pigs (rude), and, assuming those pigs look rad by the end if it, it should be available to temporarily ruin human skin within the year. According to the company's CEO, an average-sized tattoo should run you about $50-$100, which is actually a bit less than traditional tats.

So, go ahead; get that "Brenda's Boyfriend" tattooed on your forehead so everyone knows what you're about. It'll be gone before you know it.

We bet these people really wished they'd heard of Ephemeral sooner …