The cost benefit analysis of lingerie has morphed into an eternal battle that's divided bedrooms and iced sexual prowess for years. While men spend much of their days' mental capacity envisioning the possible sexual combinations of lingerie that might enter their life at any moment's notice, women conversely turn to looking in the mirror when deciding what the perfect lingerie outfit is that screams "take me" but also stops short of saying "I'm not that dirty of a girl". This bedroom paradox boggles the minds of many and frustrates the masses. That is until now. 

Lingerie company, Bluebella, heard the call of frustration and also noticed a ripe business opportunity. After surveying customers about their ideal type of lingerie, Bluebella used the feedback to design the "perfect" lingerie combination (pictured below) that's fun for all of those involved. It starts with the sad fact that 76 percent of women would rather their men didn't buy them underwear. Why? We'll tell you.

Believe it or not, men like their lingerie with less fabric and more skin. 54 percent of the men surveyed said they prefer a more revealing bra while 34 percent said they would buy the skimpier panties. Unfortunately these men will be greatly disappointed next time they hop in the sack as 62 percent of women said they prefer to have more fabric in the nether regions and over their breasts. Further crushing all fantasies for men, 64 percent of women said comfort was a top priority when purchasing lingerie, a claim that most men can't comprehend considering they think the lingerie should just come off. 

But don't harp on men too much for not being overly enthusiastic when it comes to lingerie. It turns out men have an artistic appreciation for the seductive clothing. While 54 percent of women admit they usually stick to black, white and flesh-toned pieces, 74 percent of men wish women would wear brighter colors, with red being their favorite. As our favorite criminal and decorator Martha Stewart would say, "Lighten up the bedroom".

And women do. In a surprising turn of naughty events, 84 percent of women revealed that they have a special 'seduction' set that they bring out for special occasions or for a new man and 89 per cent of women said they felt more sexually confident when they wore their special set. 

Yet not all is lost for men and women when it comes to lingerie. Both agreed that all lingerie should be the same color or in some way co-ordinated. See, when it comes to sex, there is always a middle ground. 

Emily Bendell from Bluebella, who commissioned the research, elegantly sums up the study with a few universal observations that we can all agree on. 

'From these results it seems that men associate lingerie with the delights underneath – so they like skimpy pieces, lace, sheer fabrics, plus obvious ties and bows that they can undo.

'Women wear it all the time – so they want to combine comfort, adaptability and performance as well as fabulous aesthetics.

'It’s interesting that 84 per cent of women keep a set of lingerie for special occasions and nearly all of them feel more confident when they wear it.

'Great lingerie gives you an inner confidence at all times – not just in the bedroom but at work or at home, or when out with friends — whenever or wherever. So why not wear it all the time?'. 

And with that, men everywhere thank Emily Bendall from Bluebella for transforming their mundane lives.