Welcome to America, land of the free, home of the brave and one nation under which seeing your feet is an overrated crock of shit. Just recently we lost our No. 1 spot as the fattest country in the world to Mexico and it isn't sitting well with some Americans. We've always been number one and we need to retain that title. Luckily, with the help of one optimistic reddit user, who's attempted to pitch his concept to Nabisco with no luck, we can eat our way back to gluttonous glory with his simple invention: the Moreo. 

Why waste time with single and double stuffing Oreos when you can be the judge of how much delicious cream filling you shovel into your mouth for a one way trip to flavor town? Sure, the cream paste miraculously sits in your lukewarm pantry for months without expiring but if we really cared about health, great products like Wendy's Baconator and KFC's Double Down wouldn't have made their way into our lives and arteries. Nothing in moderation, everything in abundance is our new outlook on life. Our doctor might have something to say about that but as we go in for a double dip of another great serving of Oreo cream and cookies, we'll be having the last laugh all the way to the ER. 

Did we mention you can have double the fun with peanut butter? We just blew your fucking mind.