Man, you guys can get bought out for a surprisingly small amount of cash. 

Admit it: if we offered you an obscene amount of money to do some sketchy stuff for us, you'd do it, wouldn't you? We're not proud — if some deranged billionaire wanted to give us a huge lump of cash for robbing someone, burning something down … hell, we'd probably do it too. 

Inspired by people's greed and moral flexibility, conducted a survey of 1,000 people who were asked if they would commit various acts for money. Of course, the results are bizarre. 

Fifteen percent of respondents say they would shoplift or illegally bet on a sporting event for $1,000. But since most people do that for free, it wasn't all that surprising. 

For 13 of the 1,000 respondents, $1,000 was enough to convince them to murder, but less than that were willing to poison a stray animal.

And he's not poisoned, he's just napping and adorable. 

One in five were willing to steal a street sign, shoplift or flash a stranger for $10,000, while one in ten were willing to lie under oath, steal a bike or knowingly spend counterfeit cash for the same amount.

For $100,000, one in five would forge a signature or steal from a restaurant or hotel.

And for that same amount, one in ten say they would enter into a sham marriage, perform a sexual act on a stranger, evade taxes or snatch a purse.

And for a million bucks, shit really started to get weird. One in ten Americans would commit credit card fraud, punch a stranger in the face, smuggle drugs over the border or even star in an amateur porn video. 

A million bucks to punch a stranger? We'd do it for a lot less.

For $100,000,000, a quarter of people would be willing to donate sperm or eggs without their partner's knowledge, forge a signature, lie to police and steal a bike, while one in ten would kick a kitten or puppy, take performance enhancing drugs to win a sporting event or beat up a stranger.

The most startling stat showed that 6 percent of people — including 12 percent of men — said they would be willing to commit murder for $1 billion, while one in ten would be willing to commit arson, treason, armed robbery, mug someone with a weapon or even assist a suicide.

Obviously you're most interested in how much it would take for people to do porn, so here ya go. At the $1,000 mark, only 6 percent are willing to pose nude for a magazine, but by the time the price reached one billion, 22 percent were up for the task. 

That last one doesn't make any sense, as we haven't met anyone in the entire world who has naked parts that look like they're worth more than $1 billion. Get real, people.